Robi Ghecang Store Offer

Robi Ghecang Store Offer! Welcome to Robi Ghecang Offer. All the Robi Prepaid and postpaid customers are competent to enjoy Robi Ghecang Offer. Robi has launch a special platform called ‘Ghanchang Store’. Here you will find your wished for and most interesting offers. There is a separate offer per customer’s want and taste.

Customer needs by dialing * 999 #, you will get your particular offer. The most important part of this offer is that both the customer and the retailer use the same code, which will get the similar offer. It is a special offer for all Robi Connection Customers.

If you are a Robi Connection Customer and you want to activate ‘Ghanchang Store’, just continue Reading the Full Content and get a full idea.

Robi Ghecang Store Offer Details:

  • Customers will be able to see their offers on a screen by dialing * 999 #. Retailer * 999 * you can see the same screen by dialing the corresponding number #.
  • By dialing * 999 # subscribers or retailers, you will receive the most appropriate offer SMS for them.

Finally, we hope that you have successfully understood about Robi Ghecang Store Offer full concepts. Thanks for staying with us.