Xiaomi Mi X 2018 Flagship Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors

Xiaomi Mi X 2018 Flagship Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors, News by GSMArena! There are some that have not yet been presented, we have had moved in terms of mobile presentations. People can be expected smartphone as like as the Xiaomi Mi X. It is declared this model now by an online portal and it will be on sale as well as the price of it. Here you can see the all features price and Release Date of this model. Although the distinctive data are also there, the favor are those that are known of the Xiaomi Mi X.

Xiaomi Mi X Release Date:

Accordance with rumors we can hope it is in the first week of the last quarter in that smartphone will be dedicated. The phone makes good looking photo and will have good features. The Xiaomi Mi X is hoped for the month of December 2018 a couple of month’s remains to be presented. We should not take long to meet you because there are no confirmed dates about this phone.

Xiaomi Mi X Full Specifications and Features:

It is being continue rumors about new Xiaomi devices. In this time it is the turn of the Xiaomi Mi X the renovation of its mid-range pallet. This year would continue to expand the screen size of its and improving its internal power compared to the Xiaomi previous last year that we were able to analyze thoroughly. The screen formats would grow from 16: 9 to 18: 9 and the IPS panel will be 5.8-inch in with 4K HD resolution. It is implied that we could not have ‘notch’ on the screen.

It seems clearer it will have a powerful processor. 845 chip manufactured at 10 nanometers with cores up to 2.2GHz a Qualcomm Snapdragon. This phone has 6 GB of RAM and two ROM options which could be expanded from 64 GB to 128 GB version.

The side of photographic section a double back camera 20MP + 16MP rear snapper’s camera and 20 MP lens at the front camera is expected. It would be the most advanced model by this Xiaomi flagship. The camera ardor Zoom LED Flash will contain 2X Steady Shot Stabilization, 4K video recording with 60fps and Booked mode. We will also have Quick Charge 3.0 and wireless charging and we would go from the 4800 mAh of. In the testification the model number and a detail about the 18 W batteries you can see that. For the software, the recent version of Android P as OS we would find that. Now it is passed China’s 3C testification which suggests that its presentation would not be far away.

Xiaomi Mi X Price:

The Xiaomi had quite raised the level of the Xiaomi Mi X we wondered if that would also bring a price increase of the previous device. It seems clearer that it will be like that. In the market $900 cost of this model, which at the change is Rs 61, 000. The price of the previous model If we look we can see that the variant of 64 GB and the model of 128 GB cost.